4 Ways to Stop the Bad Breath Lifestyle

Do you do a complete oral routine only to suffer from bad breath throughout the day? Then you might have to make a couple of lifestyle changes! This holds true specially for on-the-go moments when brushing is not an option. Think emergency presentation to your boss, unplanned meet-up with a friend, random consultation with a colleague, etc. When brushing is a “can’t do right now”, bad breath can happen.

Below are common habits and lifestyles that cause bad breath and some handy tips on how you can stop them.

You can’t get enough of junk food

Addicted to sugar? If you want to prevent bad breath from occurring, then it’s time to stop binging on sweets. Yes, that includes mints and candies. These treats help mask the odor of bad breath, but they can also make it so much worse. The mouth has natural bacteria living in it and it likes to thrive on these candies, making them more active.

Acidic foods and beverages like processed meats, dairy products, and sodas can also make you susceptible to bad breath and infection because it weakens the enamel. Meanwhile, high-protein and high-fat foods like eggs and nuts can be difficult to digest, hence the sulfurous gases they tend to release when they don’t metabolize.

A healthy, well-balanced diet is the answer

Low carb diets are totally on-trend right now. However, when you cut back on carbohydrates, the body starts to break down other fats and proteins for energy, resulting in bad breath. Fad diets always have its repercussions, that’s why maintaining a healthy, well-balanced regimen is so important. A little bit of everything is good, you just have to know when to stop!

You’re addicted to coffee

On-the-go individuals love coffee, even if they’re aware of its consequences. Bad breath is one of them. Caffeine decreases saliva production in the mouth. Less saliva = higher risk of bad breath.

Make the switch to simpler beverages

Avoiding coffee when you’re dependent on it is difficult. Unfortunately, there is no instant fix for coffee addiction. You just have to tough it out and swap it for something that can also make you alert like black tea, green tea, or water.

You’re stressed beyond belief

Anxiety can do more than just mental harm to your body. Beyond the sweaty palms and constant heart-pounding, the panicked breaths can dry out the mouth and develop a stinky odor. Skipping meals due to stress is also another cause of bad breath. When the stomach is deprived of enzymes, any undigested food that isn’t broken down releases odors that find its way into the mouth.

Take a breath (pun intended)

While stress can’t completely be wiped out from your life, it can be controlled. Meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises trigger the body’s relaxation response, which is the reverse state of the stress response. These simple activities that you can find online for free can help you stay calm and collected when under pressure.

Want another lifestyle tip to curve bad breath?

Always have your handy, ready-to-use oral care option

Being on-the-go doesn’t give you the luxury to brush your teeth an time you need to. That’s why you always have to be ready for potential bad breath situations. Can’t brush ASAP? Count on breath spray to give you instant fresh breath anytime, anywhere. Every day, have a ready, handy bottle of Swish Breath Spray.

Swish Breath Spray can fight bad breath causing bacteria in as fast as 10 seconds. It is sugar-free, alcohol-free, and available in 2 variants, Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh.

Bad breath is much more serious than you think. Know how to prevent it by learning more about it here.


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