Mask Breath: How to Beat Bacteria Breath Behind the Face Mask

You’ve been wearing a face mask for protection like you’re supposed to (and that’s good!) but you may have noticed something that’s not good under your mask. Yes, we’re talking about bad breath. Though you may not have noticed it in the past, now that your breath is smacking you in the face, the smell is hard to ignore. That’s mask breath.

What is mask breath?

You’re out on an errand, breathing into your mask when suddenly a pungent smell of all the combined meals you ate earlier hits you. You think it’s your mask behind the unpleasant smell but in reality, it’s actually your breath. This occurrence that’s becoming more common these days is called mask breath, or when you become more conscious of bad breath when wearing a face mask.

You are more aware of how your breath smells under a mask because the mouth and nose are both enclosed in it. When you breathe, the moist air hits the mask and leaves behind a stench as the air evaporates. And when that shoots right back into your nostrils, you can directly smell the bad bacteria breath.

But why do you get bad breath in the first place? Bad breath is caused by mouth bacteria build up from what you eat and drink (or smoke). These bad breath-causing bacteria hide between the teeth, on the back of the tongue, under the gums, and in the sinus. They multiply every 4-5 hours as you wear your mask, eventually resulting to bacteria breath or what we now call as —MASK BREATH!

How to beat mask breath

Now that you know that bacteria breath is behind mask breath, you can take the proper step to beat it and avoid mask breath while you’re out and on-the-go.

Spray with Swish Breath Spray. To instantly kill bad bacteria breath, spray 2 pumps of Swish Breath Spray into your mouth before wearing a face mask, and freshen up in the middle of the day for instant fresh breath.

Swish Breath Spray comes in a small, handy bottle that fits right in your pocket —ready to be used anytime and anywhere, especially when mask breath emergencies call for it. Formulated with antibacterial formula, Swish Breath Spray gives you fresh breath by eliminating bad bacteria in the mouth. With fast bacteria-killing action, Swish gives you instant fresh breath in as fast as 10 seconds.

So when it comes to beating bad breath under your face mask, remember: practice oral hygiene at home (brush, floss, gargle with Swish Mouthwash) and freshen up with Swish Breath Spray throughout the day!

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