The Case for Swish Breath Spray: Why it’s More Effective than Mints

While there are many ways to deal with bad breath, not all can be as good and reliable as a handy breath spray such as Swish. More of a mint candy type of person? Read on to learn why Swish is the better alternative.

From Bad Bacteria to Bad Breath

Before diving into whether mints or breath sprays like Swish is the better solution for bad breath, it’s important to understand the causes.

One of the major culprits of bad breath is diet; your food choices in particular. High-protein foods are not easily digestible and the sulfurous gases released during the digestion process emits an unpleasant smell. Likewise, acidic beverages like carbonated sodas weaken the enamel—another cause of bacteria bad breath. Add to that, everyone’s favorite cup of coffee decreases saliva production in the mouth. Smoking also dehydrates the mouth. This dryness and overtime production of tartar in gums are surefire ways to get bad breath.

So basically, what we consume and how we consume them can contribute to the buildup of bad bacteria in the mouth, which then leads to bad breath– which we definitely do not want. How do we remedy this?

As most of these are part of an individual’s lifestyle, breath sprays, mints and candies are the most common answers to address bad breath. This is especially true for an individual’s on-the-go moments when immediate brushing can’t be done. But which one really is the better bad breath solution? For clear reasons, breath spray is the better alternative. Here’s why.

Battle of the Breath Fresheners: Swish Breath Spray vs. Mints

Got a mint? You need something better. Consider these points on why Swish Breath Spray offers more versus a mint candy.

  • Target the source of the problem. Gums and mints offer a superficial solution by masking bad breath. Formulated with antibacterial formula, Swish Breath Spray gives you fresh breath by eliminating bacteria in the mouth from food, drinks and cigarettes.
  • Have fresh breath, the guilt-free, alcohol-free way. Swish breath spray is both alcohol-free and sugar-free. This means that you won’t have to deal with the painful sting of alcohol in mouth rinses, and the damaging sugar that comes with mint candies.
  • Get fresh breath in a matter of seconds. With fast bacteria-killing action, Swish gets you instant fresh breath!
  • Access fresh breath and confidence anywhere, anytime. Chewing gum can come off unprofessional when you’re in a business setting. Packed in a small, handy bottle, Swish is a more discreet solution that also helps you get that confidence you need for impressing bosses, colleagues or partners.

When it comes to dealing with bad breath, go for the better solution. Try Swish Breath Spray today.

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